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Monday, October 5, 2009

happy bday october baby **Carmen**

dearest cousin--carmen chan^^

happy bday to you..
o you..
happy bday to CArmen..

happy bday to you..

A special post just for you my dearest cousin^^
i noe ur last paper at this coming wednesday^^
i m here to wish u all the best and u must jia you for it ya~~

here were sm pictures taken during the CNY 2009..
during our malacca trip..lolz...
i wan to post up sm pictures that was just u and me but dunno y i cant get any..lolz...
i thk i shall tidy up my picture folder abit..haha

four acting serious..XD

all the cousins + my uncle..haha

with LOVe,

p/s: lots of updates for my blog..those happenings during my holidays and my bday as well...stay tuned...and tomoro is my 1st day for my new sem..i hope it's will be a good beginning^^
i m so scare for my result..worried actually..hope everything will be fine...
God, bless my please.....

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