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Friday, June 4, 2010

♥ Sheffield, UK [Day 2] ♥

Today is the second day of my UK life..I woke up early in the morning like 6am, thanks to the jet lag.

do u all noe that, the sky of Sheffield will only turned darker when the time reach 10pm?
I m really not used to it, as I was feel like y the sky is still that bright? like the night is still young, however when i looked at my watch, it's edi 9smth..the sky is still bright like evening.,..XD special huh? =) it because of the time zone..

well, today went out walking around the town=) the town is really a nice place to hang out, however, it very tiring as I really need to walk alot at here cos the only transport i can get here is No. 11 bus= my own LEG..X)

b4 going out=)

the Warriors Monument in sheffield..

guess wat is this? this is a Toilet...lolx
but it doesn't looks like a toilet isn't?

cam-whored is a must...XD

with my dream car=) mini cooper, but not this colour=)
p/s: someone promised will buy one for me ...XD haha
the Old-English buildings are everywhere...

the West Street, one of the name of the street=)

and we walked to our Uni..Sheffield Hallam University

and i saw my , Starbucks..gotta find sometime go have a drinks=)

p/s: this is the second day of my UK life..
nothing really special, but i m really enjoy myself
and i m started to get used with the thingy around here including the weather, the time and no more jet lag for me i think=))

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