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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

♥ a Perfect Getaway with my LOVE ♥

First of all..i'm so sorry for neglected my blog for damned soooooooooo long..

ok, currently i m in Sheffield, UK to further my study for Bachelor Honour Degree in Construction Management.

well, i m so so in love with here..myb this is the 1st time i traveled to very first time to meet up with so many ang mo (white man) XD i love the environment here, love the weather here, love the people here and love my room here XD
*the only bad thing was i got a really serious homesick ='( and i miss my baby boy sooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchie*

aiks..i m not talking bout the uk life now..i will talked bout it later..
now updated for my trip with my bf last month

we planned for a trip so long d..finally, we did it..we do enjoyed ourselves so much and having lotsa lotsa sweet sweet time with my dear, Mr. Andrew..
**thx for the trip baby, I You **

i edi upload many much photos on my facebook, feel free to view it=)
however, here will have some pictures that i like so much to decorate my dead blog after so long *wink wink*

there you go~~

check-ing in..

waiting for boarding into the place =)
sleepy but excited..hihi

my baby's new love..
crumpler's 7-millions camera bag=)
it's not cheap..
here a website, take a look on it..

i believe i can fly..i can fly up to the sky =)

we rented Toyota Vios. Rm200 for 3days. well, it's really save petrol cos we only pumped it RM40 for whole trip..cos we really drive here n there=)

we get this once we reach the airport..yeah~~ we are=)

inside the is a must XD

nice captured? i like this much..

and this..taken by mii while driving without destination in the island=))

having our brunch at a malay food store near the airport..
the people there is really friendly=)

baby with his GPS=)

check in our accommodation..
White Lodge chalet was new and well designed..
summore the service is really "yi-ji-bang"
really good service and very clean=)

sexy back..LOL

after checking in, we went to underwater world and then heading to Langkawi Cable Car.

in the Underwater World=)
the entrance ticket is RM22 for Student..

I can wear singlet and short in Antatica=) haha
p/s: i like the background.

there are so many underwater animals in there including Penguins and seager..

we go to LANGKAWI CABLE CAR after the visit to underwater world..
took this at the bridge there=)

RM 15 for MyCard holder (malaysian) for the view? worth it?
it's pretty awesome?=) yeah~~ it is..

busy with his baby nikon..


the view is damn nice and pretty awesome..

however, i m very scare when i sit inside the cable car cos it's really up to the mountain, for me, it's like climb up to mountain everest d..Xd and my bad baby laughing at me..hmph!!

see~~ i din;s really tall and up to the big mountain xD
anyway, can u all spot the smiley face in the picture?=)
a random shoot after coming down from the cable car=)

summore we went to Makam Mahsuri to have a look=)

here it is..

this picture so got feel=)

b4 going out for dinner=)

at night , we drove to Kuah town to eat dinner=)

drink=ing Kampai ice blackcurrent's nice and cheap.
as langkawi was liquors and chocolates heaven=)

we went to Rootian for's was chinese restaurant.
the food was yummy-licious but EXPENSIVE..

this prawn very yummy however it cost us RM51.80 just for this dish..XD

we bought this bottle of Chivas, very cheap..only RM40 for 500ml=)

The next morning we went to Island Hoping.. we got it RM 35 each person as we booked it thru our chalet room=)
and this is the legend. The Pregnant Maiden Island=)
looks like a pregnant lady?

and then we go to the SEven WEll..
OMG, we have to climb 9826474626161728 stairs to get up there.sigh..freaking tiring..
I wont go there for the second time XD

it make me sweat like hell..and my sweetheart-cousin laughed me on my fringe.XD
wat's so funny?

well, i's really kinda funny looking..hihi

my boy..pity him have to carry the heavy backpack =D

After that, we went to Cenang Beach to swim awhile b4 we going to KUah Town again for dinner=)
p/s: no bikini's looks was captured as we din bring camera along with us..paiseh paiseh**

but we go there to take come photographs..
i put the famous flower of langkawi, Bunga Telur i think, on my ears..nice? =)hahaa.

i love you baby=0

our footprints in the Sand=) love it..

Picture of the Day=)

he is sooo happy with his drink..

we having our dinner at this thailand restaurant, named Wan Thai..
the food are delicious and CHEAP=)
it only cost us not more than RM50 for four dishes that we ordered..

after dinner, we shopping for chocolates=)
see what we bought=) we spent almost RM300 for the liquors and mostly chocolates..
Chocolates is

the next day, we went to Langkawi Eagle Square=)

us ♥

looked at the blue blue sky..

black and white=)

testing the Colour swap for my little baby PinkCa=)
only can see the colour of browny wall..

the blue sky only..

the full view=)
impressive? xd

we drink this while we on the way to Black Sand Beach..**hiakhiak**

put effect on it? nope..wrong focus point is the reason..XD

well, after we went to the black sand beach, straight away we go to the airport.
and like this, the 3days 2nights trip end..
The trip ended with lotsa lotsa sweet memory and it's gonna stay in my heart forever, or maybe until the next trip..hihi
Thanks my baby boy for the trip and thx thx thx for everything=)

I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ You, Mr. andrew mak..

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