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Friday, June 18, 2010

Skype is ❤

I m currently at Sheffield doing my top-up course for my degree.
My boyfriend currently at Malaysia, waiting for his new job at Singapore.
We can't get to meet up each other but there are ways for us to chit chatting and see each other lovely face ❤

Of cos we can contact each other by phone calls, video calls, msn, skype, facebook etc etc..
Throught out so many ways, i preferred Skype..haha..cos FOC- free of charge as long as there are internet connection wat *hiakhiak*
Y? i also dunno, cos my lovely sweet❤ ask me to use it , then i go n try, found that skype is quite ok, then me n my bf just used it as our way to see each other=)
Everyday, everynight we will talk to each other, kiss each other thru the lappie.. i noe it looked silly but that's the way to reduce my miss to him..and every night he will hug me before end the conversation *of cos thru the webcam of lappie as well*

of cos will capture some candid shot of his face..
his serious face..

i request for this pic..his smiley face =)

I love You

I Love You too ❤ ❤ ❤

his piggy face..but i love it =) mwahahhaaa..

This face can make me non-stop laughing..XD
he acted like this when i m emo=(
thx baby..

I did print screen too=)

this picture he sent to me=)
i like it

with my breakfast=)
Toy Story choco stars=)
yummy-licious...cost me 1pound only XD

and i love this picture

Dear my honey *bee*, sorry for always need you to wait me. Our time are 7 hours different..Me here is daytime, but u there are night time..sorry for always need you to stay up till late night only can chat with me..I appreciate everything u do for me and our future
*a big smiley face*

Good luck for ur new job, and i noe baby will need to travel oversea often so do take good care of urself and definitely I miss You, dear...

p/s: the time now is 3.44pm at UK, but 10.44pm at Malaysia,
and i miss him so so muchie right now...

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