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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i am soon-gonna-become a yogis..

i just finish refreshing now^^
i went to yoga class today and i found tat i starting to love yoga-ing...haha...
reason??hmmm...i think cos of the leng lui teacher- Mei yuen. She is a good teacher, she taught me full of patient, cos i m still new in yoga^^yaya, i m just beginner..
But mei leng teacher say i have the potential cos my body is so flexible to do any action.
The only thing is i have no stamina..
So i think i need to do some jogging or watever to improve my stamina lor^^

The facts:
  • the key is the teacher (yaya..meiyuen is a good teacher)
  • you can sweat+ can slim down ( this is wat i want^^)
  • it's ok if you are shaking
  • you don't have to be flexible
  • Yoga is for everyone
the 1st step of my yoga class...lotus pose^^ let the whole body relax...and control your breath..Yoga is breathing. If you don't breathe properly through your advance postures you don't practise Yoga!!

This is one of the yoga pose i did during my class^^

this one oso another pose to strecthing our body..

this step quite tough...
its need our body to be stable so that we can stand well in this pose^^

the above are all the yoga poses that i done today^^ i thk u guys oso noe how to do it ritE?...haha.. of cos lor...

jus beginner ma^^ oso noe how to do lor...
wat a shame for me T.T...haha..
okok, i will learn hard and keep practice so tat i can be a "pro" in 1 day...
but the 1day dunno which day lor...swt~.~'''

yoga baby^^

yoga oldies^^

omg~~she damn pro than me doh~~hihi
i really have to put more n more effort on it d...haha

yoga doggy^^

p/s : 2nd of May...i m waiting for u^^

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