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Sunday, April 12, 2009

have fun^^

yesterday-saturday, after half day work then I hanging out with my girlfriend--amei and another 2 guy--Denn + Meng..hihi...At first, we go meet Denn cos amei gonna past his bday present to him. ( paiseh to say tat i not yet prepare de present...hehe) We 3 ppls keep chatting chatting till de time Denn finish his rest time then only we go meet another fren, Meng..He just coming back from Redang tats y looks like a little Mr. Blackie...haha...actually not yet blakie but reddie^^
Then we having lunch at KIM GARY..wahahhaa...we "wat" him to treat us lunch then he say YES...During the lunch, we 3 keep using "lung" to talk...which means talking nonsense lor...swt~.~''' but kinda fun...haha

After lunch, I am heading to buy LEE HOM's MUSIC-MAN concert tisket...yeah~~~finally i can go his concert d...cos last time i miss the chance because I am having my exam tat time...The ticket kinda cheap the RM198 ticket,i bought it for only rite?haha...damn happy for it^^ i go with wilson + uncle pei pei de..Uncle pei pei damn happy after noe i bought de ticlet d...haha...haih.uncle jiu shi uncle...hihi..yeah~~waiting 2nd of MAY coming...hihi...

then, we heading to pavilion to buy de Mr. Baoz...hihi..
the baoz come with variety of flavour..nice to see and nice to eat too^^

from left : Ice, amei, me and MEng^^ a fren from far far away..hihi

after the shopping time at pavilion, we heading to home and get prepare for the night outing^^
we go barcelona with couple of frens and we did have fun there^^
wat a crazy nite..All of us keep dance dance and dance only starting from 11 till 3smth...haha...really pei fu pei fu^^

capture-ing b4 go inside^^ amei + me..
omg~wth i m doing huh?she laugh like carzy after bad her..i noe la, i look funny ma..hihi

tats all for this time^^ see ya~~

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