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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Early celebration of BY ng's bday^^

Yesterday ofter my half day and "1thing" (wan ting) directly heading to times square + sg Wang to buy BY ng bday's present^^

after a few hours of searching ( actually we did our own searching too..lolz) , finally...we bought a shirt for him since he was desperate for shirt recently..( not tat kua zhang say till desperate la)..hihi...and then we make frens to the boy who selling the shirt..haha...
>>>Nola, no handphone number k?haha...<<<
yeah~~ our task finally settle..woohoo~~it's time for us to shop shop shop!!!
haha...i bought a dress at timesquare..hmmm...i kinda like outing will sohw to u all ya~ ( hope u guy thinks it's pretty too)..haha..
My sista 1thing din buy anything cos the thing she wants edi OUT of STOCK...swt~.~'''

Ok..its 6pm we hav to goin back to GK meet up v other frens then going to steamboat at Kepong^^
( smth happenings when on the way home..wan ting, i will remember to check the platform board next time when take monorail again...confirm!!)haha...
oklaokla.let u guy noe it although it's quite embarrassing..haih....u noe wat?we took the wrong train which heading to KL sentral but we want to go to chow kit...haha...really swt gao gao lor...then we call Jiun told him tat we ll reach a bit late then when he noe d..he just ask us..walao, u two ar..dunno read the board de ar?"
haha...kena shoot by a 30 years old boy pulak..sad sad...( u guy noe who i meant rite?)

after we all meet up then we heading to ke pong lo...Meet CS--xiao kai, at there then go to the restaurant to eat eat and this time, BY ng d complaining say that his stomach d tak boleh tahan...haha( purposely mention here..^^)

our lunch right after reach Sg Wang^^ McD..i'm lovin it^^

not bad..all of us eat until full full^^

the "pei pa duck" from kepong^^ delicious~~ **thumbs up**

after finish-ing..

Heading to the waterfront @ parkcity for jalan jalan and celebrate BY ng bday^^

me and wan ting^^

p/s: got S & H only...the E not in good mood last 9 so she dun wan show her busuk busuk face^^hey gurl, i hope everything is fine with you ya~~be strong gurl..

see...this Jiun ar..really no comment^^ go down here disturbing those kids playing ard..haiz..u wan play is it? tell us la...we ll allow u play de...hihi..when he saw dis, sure kek sei him wan..haha

wilson + bday boy^^

p/s: actually, his bday is tomoro but we celebrate early^^


The night is still young but its not young for H.min so we send her back then we heading to Old town to yum cha yum cha..

OLd town-- danao kota^^

guess whose hand is this..haha

3 old town white coffee,--2 normal, 1 super kao,1 C mat nai cha, and 1 honey lemon^^

p/s: We give him a suprise celebration..haha...i hope he like it and did enjoy the celebration^^

stay tuned for the celebration picture ya~~hihi...

I think is time for me to take a nap since i sleep at 6 last nite...thanks the super kao coffee^^

damn tired now...i gao gao chu 1st lor^^

good sleep-ing^^


ohya~~dun forget to let u all know that..

Krispy Kreme Opening at Berjaya Times Square

Be the First 300 Customer & WIN . . .

1st Customer - Win ONE year Supply

2nd Customer - Win 6 Months Supply

3rd Customer - Win 3 Months Supply

4th - 100th Customer- Win 1 Month Supply

101th -300th Customer - Win A Cup of Coffee

Opening Time : 10am


Ground Floor

Main Entrance of BTS

futher details, plz visit

i wish i can be the first customer^^----->>in dreams^^

see ya~~


  1. erm....1st, actually i got feel tat9 wil b have smt cos u all acting noob there....lolzzzz
    2nd, thanks 4 u all although the cake is ok nia n the shirt is juz gamgam 4 me(juz kd la)....lolzzzz....
    3rd, got 1 more interesting u no mention at ur blog lorrrr>>>>my shoe....hehe....

    4th, wat i can say>>>>thanks u all lorrrr....hehe

  2. i m lovin it not nice la although it is spokesman by lee hon....
    burger king is the best....

  3. clever..but we din act noob k?hihi..the most noob i thk shld be the one who act xiao kai lor..i swt gao gao when hav to call tat nice name on the particular person...haha...( sure kek sei him^^)

    anyhow, i still hope u enjoy the so call party and of cos hope u like the shirt too although it's doesn't seems like fit u well..dun worry, can change wan..just let me noe ya^^

    and, y i din mention bout ur sweetie shoe?haha..cos i dun wan u paiseh ma..hihi...but kinda yeng actually cos i m sure others can do it!!haha..BY ng boleh!!!lolZ..

    Lastly, his name is LEE HOM not lee hon..haha...i just like the man but not the McD..haha...forget to mention that^^

  4. chehhhh, sry ya sis cos i noe u hate this word but dunno y nowadays like to use this word....

    juz wan to tel u tat i feel proud of the incident of my slipper lorrrr, but dun ask me y cos i juz dunno y....hahaha....this word gd, i need put as my msn title liao....