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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Long time no see!

Hi Blog, long time no see!

how are you? you seems so bored!

I just realised my last blog post was 1 year 3 months ago!


What did i do until i can abandoned you for sooooooooo long! I am sooooo sorry, Blog!

well, i've been grown up to be a working adult!
i am busy with works, travelling, and of course my wedding!

Yes, i am getting married, blog!
and yes, is the same boy that i used to post picture with him, and he is all over on the side bar of the page! 

wedding really have a lots of stuff to do. i not sure about others, but first thing first for me is -----> DIET!

LOL...I am sure it will not be in the things-to-do list for skinny/slim/petite girl, but to a "plum" girl/chubby girl like me.. the DIET thing would definitely item No.1 in the list! LOL

thanks god with my efforts, i have loose 8 kg to date! but my target is 5 kg more!
wish me the best of Luck, blog!
i will definitely show u photo later on !

promise i will not abandoned u anymore k..
i might not update you so often, but i will come and drop by ^^ haha

i know you've miss me so much, let u see a recent photo of me k?

with love,
blog's owner EP

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