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Monday, June 23, 2014

2Degree Ice Art - The Winter in Singapore :)

this ice sculpture exhibition has been a very long time in singapore, and i just went on last sunday, which also the LAST DAY of this exhibition LOL.

actually, my bff found a cheap + good deal from , a website with all the good deal, so we decided to pay a visit to these ice sculpture, to experience the WINTER! *cool*

So, this is Singapore's largest ice sculpture exhibition presents you with spectacular ice sculptures created by award-winning ice carving masters. We even have a fully-furnished Ice Bar where you can enjoy cold beer in Ice mugs that you can smash after drinking! but too bad, we nvr went in the Ice Bar cos we already Freeze-ing after go inside the exhibition hall.

the funnist thing is, my bestie and i tot there will be a shoe rental counter, as we thought we will be walking on Ice, there should have rental of those able-to-walk-on-ice-prevent-slippery-shoe. so we happily wearing our sandal , and bring a pair of sock preparing for the shoe that we rent.

unfortunately, there is NO that kind of shoe for rental. *makan sendiri* both of us really =,='''

nvm, we still thought that is not a big deal. as we got our Rental coat on!

so we rented the Coat for 5 bucks, then buy the gloves for 2 bucks. then we went inside happily and we are being sooooooooooooo excited!


this is the ICE bar, which we did not went in for a beer.
*regret* should have to go in..

our entry ticket.

the Singapore flyer in ICE...

can you see what is this? 
the Merlion 

with Le Bff + sister :) 

my stupid-but-funny-sometimes-angel-sometimes-devil-and-monkey-alike-bff

me me me...

the bunch =)

the LOVE Bird :)

and there is a children play ground there..OMG! am gonna play the slide! woohoo~~

so freezing cold!

the prettiest photo of the day! 
thanks to the colourful giant wall & the photographer hihi

see, dont what my bff doing with the big eyes..and my not ready face LOL

hahahaha, dont know what are WE doing =.=

Like this tooo....


i am tall enough to touch it!!!


Like this pic of myself hahaha *vain*

Last but not least, 

so much fun eventhough we spend not even an hour inside, cos its really BREEZING COLD!!!!

OMG! i cant imagine, how am i gonna be, when am gg to korea this year end, its WINTER and SNOWY there...
and i am soooooooo excited tooo!  ❥ ❥ ❥

p/s: so sad, my boyfriend cant join. if not, we are going to have the WINTER SONATA video..hahhahaha

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