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Thursday, October 17, 2013

My forever Cutie Pie- the cutest nephew!

Spent a long weekend at howmtown really make me feels like even the whole world don't want you, just come home and you may feel the importance of your existence...
Home, my harbour of refuge! Always be there for me no matter what happens, no matter when...
I might not sleep until 12 or 2pm, (which I always complaint that I do not have enough sleep) waking up early actually you will feel that you can do more things, you may b able to spend more time with families and do othe things.
Here's some pictures of my cutie pie- the baby JL..
Look at him..
Banyak pattern lol

He's happy with the windmill that I bought for him! ;)

See his shy shy face..hihi

Playing with the iPad like no body business...

Like to wear adult's slipper than his own..I bet everyone did that when we are kiddo time:) 

This one is the pic of the day! 
The emo face..I purposely put it in black n white so will have more "feel" hahah

Well...kid nowadays won't b as simple as last times..they even more enjoy than us..parents work hard just to give better life style to their kids..indirectly being pampered like no one else business, and this is the reason why kids getting more naughty than old times..

Kiddo just like plain white paper, parents are the one who draw on it..parents must draw with quality Colour pencil, erase with good quality eraser when it goes wrong, so that the paper won't b tear out, so that the paper won't being on the wrong route of life! Parents is the one who take good care of the paper, don't let others to simply draw things on it, so that it won't spoiled! 

Jia you parents out there! 

P/s: congratez to my big sis..another baby coming soon...well, am gonna pamper this princess even more! Ya, am the one who spoiled her, not the parents hahahaha

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