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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

♥ Happy 6th Anniversary to A&E ♥

Dear baby dino..

Happy 6-years to You and Me =)

we actually together for 6 years…Whoa!! 
We've been through the life transition together from college times, graduation and now we fighting for our career...

6 years….Long? Short?
Hmm…this is not toooooooo long but it’s not short period of time.  
Too many things happened thru out this 6 years. We went thru thick and thin, hard and easy, sad and happy, angry and sweet, argument and fighting, but at last we are still together. Maybe we love each other too much..hihi
I love you baby! You’re the only one! No one can replace you, this baby dino!
Thanks for loving me and pamper me like a princess...hihi

One more year to *the itchy 7*, hmm…I believe we can make thru this right Baby?


Love u always,

baby elephant 

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