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Sunday, July 24, 2011

♥ Present ♥

Present, present, present... who doesn't love present?  Everybody love present.
People will giving out present during some special occasion. Examples, Birthday, new year, christmas, Dating Anniversary, wedding anniversary or maybe some date they think it's memeroble & unfrogettable. :)
Me and bf will prepare 5 present per year..haha..
Valentines day, our dating anniversary, his birthday, my birthday, and christmas day.

He always will thinks of different ways to suprise me with his present. ♥
and everytime he did very well to suprise me **claps claps**
Well, maybe I m too easy to be Surprised !! lolz.Between, i done well too..ngekngek..

This is for him, 4th anniversary present =) 
What's the present for me? 
angpao = $$$ 
Thank dear.. he din gives me straight aways, he use some tricks to do it..
LOVE U so much... =)
how much? no no~ secret :) :) :) :) :) 
but not as much as what's in your mind now.. X)


and this is a present from him .As I said i want a new purse, then he buy for me =) 
 Thanks baby ♥♥♥

thanks for always pampaering me .. Love ya..

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