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Friday, July 22, 2011

Hope She's will Ok very very soon...

I get shocked yesterday. A big Shocked..
Suddenly, a call back from my manager, she said she meet accident ! She forget everything after the accident, just remember company phone number..lolz.. she's truely a ergasiomania.

Out of sudden, the whole company is like....OMG OMG~ wat happened? HOW was she?
Many Question marks in our head...All worried. All stunned!

We to hospital, the person in chanrge said she's been admitted to hospital at 11 - 12pm, but she called us at 2smth, means She's unconscious after the accident impact.
However, she got some minor scratches on skin.
She's really lucky. God Blessed!

You'll know how lucky she is after you read the news.

Fatal accident at woodlands ave 5

Just clicked it. Read it!

P/s: Irene, I hope you will recover very soon and come back to us , a big family. Now, rest more and take this chance for you to relax your mind, re-charging for further journey.

A short note for you, from the bottom of my heart...

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