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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Updates post =)

[CNY 2011]

My CNY, is kinda ok this year. just normal, nth special. the only special thing was, my honey *bee* not here. He spent his CNY at Oversea *jealous* haha..
anyway, not much pics taken on families, but got a trip with my buddys, hometown frens to Malacca.

2days 1 night in Hotel. we book a suite =) family suite =)

When friends all gather together, there is only one word, FUN!
we had fun, so much fun.
WE swimming together, we playing around, we taking sambat pics, we gambling, and we make steamboat as our dinner =)

Let's pics do the talking =)

group photo in hotel =)

they spoiled the last pic

with Vege =) preparing for the steamboat ^6^

my bestie =) steph..

act cute...

act pro..haha

all my BFFs =)

Like them so much =))

go to Junker Street after dinner =)

it's a MUST to visit the street when visiting Malacca.

nice? =)

the next day, we had our lunch here =)

there is a long queue on every chicken riceball shop.

no pics for chickens, too hungry edi..

da la~~ before n after =)

Coincident;y meet up with my dear, Kee Soon at there =)

not foget the Flowery Trishaw =)

nice hor?
spot my frens =) haha

bff again ♥

on the Dragon Chair =)

yeah~ group photo finally =)

guess wat are they doing ? ><

he's so excited in doing this action.. i totally speechless =))

nice? i captured 1=))

last but not least =)

mY best fren ever,among guy, he is the one =)

p/s: ooops, i looked kinda :chubby" in all those pics..

sei fo lo..have start my diet soon =(

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