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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy 30th Anniversary, Mum & Dad

Today, i woke up at 6smth in the morning.. Justdunno y suddenly wakes up by a DREAMS....
I m scared then woke up, can't continue sleep.
When my mind flash back those scene that I dreaming of, in 1/1000second time, I remember that, 1st of MArch, it's my mum & dad wedding anniversary. OMG!! i forget to call my mum to wish wonder i was thinking like there are smth that i need to do but, can't rmb what's that. Arghhhhh~~ blame my job, blame my office. Stay at office until 9smth yesterday. sigh... Working, working & working... T.T

Well, back to the topic.

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary, mum & dad. Whoa~~ 30years marriage, it's not a short period, not tooooo long either. But still, hard to walk until today.
I had seen they argueing, they get scolded by each other, they laughed at each other, they sayang each other, they care about each other. That's so called L.O.V.E

No doubt, I think my mum is the No. ! Best mum in the World. of cos, u will think ur mummy is the one tooo =)) It's ok, everyone's mum is the best mum for them =))

My mum, is a superwoman, she needs to work, she needs to do houseworks, and the most pity thing is She needs to take care of US, 4 notty children, 四条化骨龙, hahahahahaha...

She is so patient with 4 of us, always takes good cares about us, worried about us. She will scold us, but it's because she loves us..

My mum always be so patient with my daddy, cos my daddy is so hot tempered. Only my mum can tahan..hihi

Only my mum can tahan my grandma's nags..

Only my mum can tahan my grandpa's blur-ing..XD

Only my mum can tahan US, 四条化骨龙, always ask her this n that.. always needs her help to get our own things...hahhaaha...

She is the best mum ever! Thanks God, i had such a lovely & best mummy. I m so grateful =))

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary, to my lovely mum & manly Dad =))

p/s: I was wondering my dad rmb this such inportant day anot, He's also a BHP (Big Head Prawn)

May every hour of everday, Both of You will be blessed with a shining gift of Joy; A dream to share together; A memory that's forever; A promise that the best is yet to come.
I love you guy..

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