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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I m back..

Yo yo yo~~ People..
i m so sorry for MIA this few week. FYI, i m back from UK edi last week, everyday stay at home doing Nothing, like a pig..sleep eat drink sleep eat drink..
**confirm gain weight**

Here's only little updates from me..

Last week, My sister wedding dinner (Bride's side) a nice dinner with lots of funs..Every family member dress so nice, and all looked Gorgeous..I will updates about it later on..

Currently my location is at Singapore. Come here for holidays one week..weewee~~
*rest well before start my working life..T.T*

I m going to start my work on November, which is next month..
*Bond with the company, no others way out, must WORK already..><*

I din bring my lappie to Sg, so cant update for my 14days Europe Trip and last few days in London and Manchester..
*for my FB as well, no new photos*


My honey bee is going to off to Algeria soon on next Monday, and he will only be back about 3months time..OMG~~ his turn to leave me alone T.T

ok... I gtg, later have Sing K session with baby's fren Kathy..First time sing k with her and first time sing at forward to it..

ok people,

Take care ^^

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