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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy 2010 ♥ 2010

HAppy 20.10.2010 World!! Today is a superb nice day where the date is really a special date.
when I on my FB just now, i saw my fren's post 2 = 爱, 0 = 你, 10 = 十分,
so today's date is 爱你十分...♥ ♥ ♥ awesome!!!
Whoa!! so meaningful, i din realize it until i saw that post. (credit to Miss Jolin ^^)

During the secondary school time, me n my frens always like to use the digit to form sentences, each digit represent a Chinese word, i think most of us know it right?
You must know about it, Yeah~~ it's you, the one who reading my blog..hihi..

Cos its consider as part of our school life, must have some kind of puppy love last time right? that time very popular to use the digit form a short sentences or a phrase to show his love to the Girl. The puppy-boyfriend always use those words to show love towards the puppy-girlfriend such as:-

520 = 我爱你

530 = 我想你
1314520 = 一生一世我爱你
5649335 = 无聊时就想想我
240 = 爱死你
54201314 = 我只爱你一生一世
542012 = 我只爱你一个

Frankly to say that, I m one of those puppy-girlfriend too. I was so addicted to those words that the puppy-boyfriend say to me.
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but that's history already..

Now, i got my LOVE
so here, i wan to wish him Happy 20.10 ♥ 2010
All the best for his career and I LOVE YOU
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