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Monday, March 1, 2010

Yilin Sweetheart's 19th Bday


我不能假装不知道, 不能让他知道我知道, 好辛苦=‘(

但我知道,他的心, 还是只有我。。。。。。。

ok, dun feel like want to talk about this..

ok..stop the EMO post here..

Well, yea~~ like the pre-previous post, i make the cuppa cake for my yilin..her 19th bday..
okay, let the picture do talking...

tala~~here is the cuppa cakes=)
nice? i bake it one by one and i blend cream, mix the cream colous myself=)
all by myself..
so called 一手一脚 , yat shao yat jiok, one hand one leg=)

for both of them..

three of us=)

me and my sweety..

her sis, yiwen=)

OMG~~after the celebration, it's a photo session..

We are in L.O.V.E

me and my sis=)

all gals gang and one boy=)
my aunty's family, my uncle and my family=)

our favourite place to take photo=)

act cute=)

damn it!!i looked FAT, in fact, i m fat=)

me me me....

a nice one...hihi

take 1..

take 2..

take 3..

take 4..

take face=)

picture of the day=)

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