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Saturday, March 13, 2010

First two days of training...

well..i had started my working as a telemarketer at Teledirect, my fren's company..
Y i get in this company?
hmm....i think i can earn some extra pocket money for my UK study trip=p
lolx...but..dunno la...feels like it's not as easy as wat i thought before..Feels like it's quite tough for me to handle the job and make the sales ='(
however, i ll gambateh to earn the commission so that i can shopping at UK..hihi..Well, it's some kind of motivation for me..hihi

Two days of training is over, 6 days to go as the whole training programme is 8days..
feels like dun wanna to go fo the training lo as i gotta form the group my own..sien..cos my product just got me ALONE...sien sien sien...

Sigh..shld not talk bout this lo..

today, went out with my cousins...First time to hang out all together=) in fact, just four of us=)
We went to watch the Alice in the Wonderland 3D show..

sigh..sad wasn't as nice as expected..the story line no good, no climax at all, not touching, nothing make us excited to know more..just a very very normal movie..
no movie star for this movie..

the main character=)

the white Queen..

the big head Red queen, sister of the white queen..

after the movie, we did some shopping then home sweet home=)
thats all for saturday..

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