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Monday, November 10, 2014

My cutie pie bro officially 21 now

okok, i know my title a bit.."hmm".. cutie pie? hah!
he used to be my cutie pie brother. and i thk that's a few years back, or maybe 10.
this year, he's officially 21st! 

he's legal to do everything now. 

this is something to be celebrated with, so we did the legal birthday celebration together with my uncle, a his birthday just 2 days before my brother's 

we do a BBQ party. 
during the party, there are some yummy dishes cooked by all the Women in the family, which is my my mummy and all others aunties (can be seen in the photos below)

okay, lets the pics do the talking now..

my sweetheart n my baby JL

take 1

take 2

the mummy n baby JL

the daddy, baby JL & his sister baby thongthong .. love both of them so much!!

the mummy chin, daddy chin n baby JL

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