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Friday, July 13, 2012

Dear Diaries,

Time flies, one week passed.

My first week in my new company has passed.

First week normally nothing much to do, trying to help people do works, doing some measurement regarding my project.

Besides, people here all very negative as in their job, all people will work till no day no night, some even OT till 12 smth. I saw my mentor’s email comes out on 11.04pm?

WTF??! Are you kidding me? I gotta work till so late in the future? FML

My coursemate who just joined the company like two months ago, looked very professional, like can handle everything, nothing can defeat them. This make me feel even smaller n smaller I feel I’m so useless.

*punch my face*

*Shake shake my head*

I shouldn’t think this way, I come here to learn new things, so that I can draw a different curve for my career. I choose this way, I must carry on with full confidents, if don’t know how to do, spend more time with it and ask around, ask people how to settle this and that. I can’t just drop off now. I couldn’t.

I must carry on even I don’t want to.

Say Jia You to myself then I have to continue to work already.

Jia you eeping, You can do it!


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  1. jiayOu~ keep SMILE~ dO ur bEST~ ^^

  2. thankew sis =) u r the best! gotta meet up la wei...

  3. look can be deceiving

  4. wkeat? hmm, is the one i know right? the one i see everyday right? sorry asking this way, kinda suprise saw ur comment here =) *happy*
    thanks for visiting this boring web XD

  5. yup.. the one u know and the one u will see on weekdays.. XD

  6. ahhahaa..alright XD then i cant post bad thing about u edi..anyway, u dont have any bad thing for me to write about as well... XD thanks for yuor help during weekdays XD