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Monday, February 20, 2012

♥ Bonding of a Daddy & Baby ♥

the bonding between daddy & a baby is not just holding his hand as what we can see from the picture.
Yet, is a life time resposible from the first day, he's brought to this Wonderful world.

When we were still a kiddo, we're like a plain white Tee..Parents are the one who makes drawing on it. 
they holding our hand, teach us how to walk, teach us how to run, teach us everything until we growing up, until we can take care of ourselves.

Time flies, the child no longer kiddo, turns to a big man now. 
kiddo = big man, parents = old forks. 

do you think that, your parents very very anoyying, ask you dont do this, ask you dont do that..
Yes! sometimes, they are. but they said it cos they have their points on it. ==> again again, FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!!

When they grow old, its time for the kid, to hold back their hands, take care of them, just like when they take care of us when we were small.

Appreciate the efforts that your parents put on you! Dont ever wasted it! You might not notice what efforts they did, will know in future. 
They scolded you, for your own good, as there's no parents will simply scold their child.

I understand, its hard for us to say I Love You to our parents, same goes to me. Asian are more conversative, wont always said I love You to each others just like Western Culture.
However, we can show it in actions.

Yes! when they nagging, we felt annoying. Just bear with it. they said it out, they feel happy d. 

Show them you LOVE them before it's too late.
Don't be shy! 

a random post from me. 
Your Truly, 

p/s : Good Night World! another working day tomorrow..T.T

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