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Monday, January 9, 2012

Y u will never tell me the truth?

Maybe I should keep some secret to myself too? =(

i think that I m such an idiot to tell u everything, I m silly that i thought we are close till there’s no secret between us.

I m just silly…Maybe I should said that I am stupid?


I shoudlnt be that silly anymore, no more!!

I will not tell u everything...

I will just keep it myself or tell others, but not u..

Or myb I can mix it with some lies when i tell u?
so, u cheat on me, I cheat you back.

Is it ok?



  1. believe is not stupid, the one that cheat is stupid!

  2. yupyup..sometimes i think, am i look so good to be cheated? am sad & disappointed when i know the person very very close with, lies to you just to cover thing up. T.T
    anyway, thanks =)
    and thanks to the person who cheat on me, as in this way, i grown up to see the world clearer..
    p/s: take care