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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thanks my Honey bee ♥♥♥

I got a card from my dearest honey bee today..OMG, he send me a card all the way from Singapore to UK..
I m so touched and It makes me cried straight away..

He give me a very early Birthday wishes from the Card, as i will off to Europe during my bday, there is no way for us to contact each other that time..

A big Thankew to my deardear bee for always pampering me, showering me with all ur Loves and care for me alots alots...

see my Lam-face...hihi...
(lam = very happy face in cantonese)

and after I read the card, read your words,
I draw-up a conclusion which is,
I found my Mr. Right already..
It's You, the one who send me the card,
my dearest Honey Bee,
the one who sayang me alots alots,
the one who will take care of me no matter how i looked like after 34094317e2626 years,
the one who will sleep by my side every night,
the one who will hug me tight in night dun let me catch cold,
the one who can kiss on my lips...
Oh Gosh, How can i m not in L.O.V.E with you, Mr. Andrew Mak???

A sentence in the Card..
[Most important, baby, I love you more and more day by day and I wish to be with you for the rest of my life.]

--Mr. Andrew Mak
So I will reply:-

[Baby, I will love you more n more each and everyday too, and I wish to be with you for the rest of my life, I repeat, the REST of my life..]

p/s: This is the very first time u write something for me, i mean hand writing..It meant alots to me, I appreciate it muchie..and i like those words you wrote in the card but the most is
"I repeat OUR future"..
*a big- wide- sweet- smile*

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