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Thursday, April 1, 2010

first outing with my Teledirect buddy=)

This is the first outing with my teledirect buddy, so called colleagues..haha..the first gathering become the farewell party for Leto too..he resigned after the first month cos beh tahan with his so called dunno-wat-post-LC-and-not

of cos..I had a great time with you all and definitely with the present of Leto...
omg, i miss you so much, boy...

i mean all of us..ceres, shirvie, william, little gal-may kim, firdaus and of cos the Mun too...she definitely missed u like hell, she missed those day u kacau her and say i love you to
and of cos not forgotten the Parkinson's mouth owner, faizul...lolz..he missed u lots..haha

ok, now let the picture do talking...

edited by Leto=)

three gals=)
ceres, shirvie and meee.........

mr. william with his fake
he think that a smile from heart..haha

my fav way to take photo=)

this is the picture of the Day=)
heart this picture so much,
but i know there will be more n more picture sooner or later, as we gonna have another outing soon right?haha..

well, okok...i m done here..=)
i promised i ll update more often..hihi


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