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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

for my Sweetheart

A random post for my sweetheart..

Good luck for ur second test..I should praised you as Good student as you study so "hard" last night while send me a message thru FB..XD
I thk college life should not be a problem for you to survive and I believe you can handle all the mafan things well=) yeah~~ you can do it, Girl..
However, if got any problems..Drop me a miss call..Dun forget i m an efficient problems solver=) just for You..haha

I am heading to Mid Valley with honey *bee*'s gang frens later after they finish their class at 1pm..Go there catch a movie named 72 Tenants of Prosperity=) I wan to watch it with parents during CNY..But I failed to e-payment for the end up, din watch any movie..swt 99
Anyway, myb i can buy a DVD for them..Well, of cos not Cetak Rompak type..I support ORIGINAL okay?!! haha

Current Location: Uniten's Electronic Engineering Laboratory=) Thx Tho=) You are soooo sweet!!

upcoming post will be my sweetheart's bday celebration=)
I make this for very First time to make cuppa cake=)
my sis and bro getting jealous cos of this...lolx

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